Sunday, December 8, 2013

Double-Chocolate Brownie Cups

These were made using the recipe from The Best of Martha Stewart Living Holiday Handbook 2011 - Pg. 110. Recipe can be found at the bottom of this post 
These are the first brownies I made and they are as of today the best brownies my husband and I had ever tasted.  So my first brownies are better than those made by my MIL all those years? Wow!! Okay, these are really Martha's brownies, not mine:).  They were extremely easy to make. In addition to a bowl, a spoon, and a Martha Stewart Anodized sauce pan that I already have, the only special equipment for me to run to the grocery store to get were a couple of wire racks.  I never owned those since I never baked anything until recently.
Before we added a dollop of ice-cream on top, we already ate a few of these  heavenly  brownies in  no time.  Martha's recipe from her Holiday Handbook used 3 inch bake cups for gift giving purpose.  I didn't have those cups on hand so I just used regular bake cups instead.
I used to think brownies were not my things. I just never liked them even though my former co-workers used to bring them to the office so often.  My husband used to throw the brownies he got from his friend's wife into trash.  She claimed that brownies were her specialty and she was totally proud about how she perfected her trick to tailor the bake time for the Betty Crocker brownie mix to turn them into "SO GOOD".  We always lied to her about how we loved them but we ended up getting more of those brownies from her to send to our trash.... I hadn't tasted one good brownie from my MIL, any of my co-workers, or I wrote brownie off as one of the baked goods that I didn't like.  To me, all brownies seem to taste exactly as bad as the ones from the bakery in the grocery stores.  May be they bought the brownies from there and told me they baked them at home?

But today, I changed my sentiment towards brownies. Thanks to Martha Stewart's extremely easy and super delicious brownie recipe.  They are fool proof. If I can make them, anyone can.  Martha Stewart didn't pay me or give me any perks to write this blog post.  I am writing this post because I really love the brownies and I am so proud of being able to bake brownies from scratch even I am only experienced in successfully cooking 3 recipes so far....Now this is my 4th...Click here for the recipe. These brownies are also great for Christmas gifting, click here to see an example of gift presentation.

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