Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lunch At The Pier

Sour Dough Bread with Real Butter

This fresh loaf of bread tasted and smelled so good!!!  And it comes with good quality "real butter", not the whipped up Margarine or simulated butter that I hate.  Why don't the grocery stores sell  good bread like this ??  The strange smell of the grocery stores' bread  aisles always makes me feel nauseous.

Pier with Yatchs

This restaurant has plenty of seats with a great view of the Marina.  Whenever I start feeling a little less optimistic about my life, I do feel upbeat again when I  come out here and stare at the yachts.

This is a $20.00  3-courses pre-fixe Dine LA promotion that includes my favorite Manhattan Clam Chowder.  America should be so proud of inventing this Clam Chowder. This is one of my favorite American foods. This reminds me of my most favorite Portuguese Oxtail Soup that I always had whenever I took my weekend trips to Hong Kong's sister city, Macao.
fish wall decor

One reason that I'm unable to give up eating out and save money is because I enjoy looking at the interior decorations of the restaurants.  Dining out at restaurants give me a change of scenery other than the same boring dining area in my small apartment.

Mahi Mahi Sliders

The main course was the grilled Mahi Mahi Sliders. The fish tasted really good and the french fries were so much better than McDonald's.  I could only finish half so I took home the rest for dinner.

I found the lamps really quaint.  It's amazing  to see how old black and white blown up photos always add character to the wall.  
ice-cream Sundays

After I was done with this huge ice-cream Sunday, I was way too full for most of the day. I didn't finish the other half of the take-home slider and fries until after 10pm in the evening...  This pre-fixe was pretty much everything I had for an entire day. I didn't have breakfast.  I just couldn't eat more food than these in one day.  I am not sure if my metabolism  is fast or slow since I'm not really a big eater.  Once my body has enough food, I lose all appetite on even my most favorite foods.  

I really love dining out in the middle of  the  weekday when everybody is at work:)  All the quiet and peace really makes the dining experience so much more enjoyable.

Restaurant: Bluewater Grill
Address: 655 N Harbor Dr, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Phone: (310) 318-3474


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, this is why my spirit was up even after I dropped a total of $25.00.

  2. I love to eat out too, but for different reasons. I like that somebody else is cooking and washing the dishes. It gives me a break in the kitchen... lol. That really does look like a quaint spot for lunch and your food looked so delicious. That ice-cream looked good, too. I love ice-cream, especially in the summer... :)

    1. Yes, doing dishes takes away the joy of home cooking:) I wish they could invent a robot maid in the future to do the dirty work in the house:)

  3. I'm not much of a fish eater but I would go there for the view and the Manhattan clam chowder. I'm glad you enjoyed your lunch!

    1. I'm sure they have plenty of restaurants like this in South Florida:)

    2. I go to restaurants by the ocean but not so much by the marinas but to see beach volleyball players. We used to cruise in a friend's boat and then dock for lunch at one place in Ft. Lauderdale and another in Palm Beach. That was always fun. Margaritas all afternoon!

  4. I grew up in the South Bay . . . and loved spending Saturday afternoons with my family on the Redondo Beach pier!
    Maybe that's why I love these posts, in particular, so much.
    The food pics look amazing!
    Thanks for sharing with us :0)

    1. I love going to the pier too, even by myself, particularly when they have summer concerts:)